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As economic times get harder, it's all the more reason your site should work hard for yo.  It's the time to consider renovating your web site and giving it a new look

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What a web site could do for you

To Reach The Media

Every kind of business needs the publicity and exposure that the media can bring. The media is one of the most Internet-connected professions around today. Face it they deal in information. Where else can you get information more complete or faster than the Internet?

There are tons of information available quickly and easily for media people. In fact one company we know offers "Electronic Press Releases". They will distribute a Press Release that gets sent to over 2,000 media professionals who have registered to receive these releases. These media professionals represent over 1100 different media organisations - Newspapers, magazines, radio & TV. If a media professional wants to do a story about you it is decidedly to your advantage to make that process easy for him/her. Therefore devoting a couple of pages of your web site to form an Electronic Media kit can really pay off.

I do a lot of work with bands in a niche music, and almost every successful band has a press kit in their web site - high res photos,  bios,  even stage layouts so promoters can easily set up their performance space for them.  

On-line press kits are becoming more and more common, since they work with the digital environment of more and more pressrooms. Digital images can be put in place on your web pages which can be downloaded "as is" with no need for the "stripping and shooting" necessary for the press rooms of yesterday. Put photographs of your Key executives, Products, Plants and offices. Quotations in digital text which can be edited and output while the journalist is working on a tight deadline. One story which is enabled by this online press kit will more than justify your expense.

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Web Sites that WORK for YOU!

We're a small web development company based in Windsor, NSW, Australia. We've built our knowledge of the web from running our own web businesses, selling and supporting things all over the world through our own web sites, so we know what works and what doesn't, from personal experience.

Join the growth!

Internet Commerce is growing very rapidly - perhaps one of the most fundamental and rapid changes in our society today.  A great many companies are experimenting with web sites and some are being very successful. To make the most of the opportunity takes more than fancy images and the latest technology. The most important part of a successful web site is the same as any other part of business. It must be attuned to the audience and it must have a clear purpose. For example, a site intended to sell product would be different in structure and appearance to a site to support software and different again to a site intended to gather customer opinions.

Our experience has been gained through operating our own trading and direct response businesses on the web, through teaching web design (any teacher will tell you that it isnt only the students who learn!) and through conducting our web development business.

About Us

About our company, our background and experience

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Services - What we do

Ok, we might be small, but we can provide a lot of services. In the course of running our own on-line businesses, we've learned how to do a lot of things. Which we can offer you too.

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A selection of the sites we're involved with, to give an idea of our capabilities and range of expertise

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How to find out what to do next.  If you're stuck on what to do next,  or just looking for a hint or idea,   Got a question about how to do something on our system,  here's where to go.

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Contact Us

How to find us, where we are and how to contact us

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Site Map

What's where, how to get there, and shortcut to anywhere on the site.

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